1.) The charter price includes the charter services during the agreed cruising time, the ship’s departure and arrival to the harbour, fuel and lubricants consumed while cruising for a daily average of 4 hours per a day (selected route), yacht’s crew, all appliences on the ship according to the ship list, insurance of the ship, crew and it’s passengers, 6 hrs of generator working a day (Air conditioning).

2.) The price excludes: harbour marina dues, entrances in national parks, special taxes to marinas according to the clients demand, special transfers, special demands of embarkation and disembarkation of the client, daily more than 4 hrs cruising,.

3.) Payment : The agreed price is payed 50 % in advance while the reservation and the signatures of agreement are done and the rest 30 days before the departure time.

4.) Crew list : The agent or the client must deliver the exact crew list to Adriatic Cruising d.o.o. at least two weeks before the embarkations is not allowed to be on boat more persons than in crew list.

5.) The cruise : Unless special agreements, the ships will be cruising within Croatian territorial waters by suggested routes. The captain can modifications the routes in case of bad weather conditions or in case of objective impossibilities of putting in planned harbours.

6.) Food: The half pension is obligatory. The price of 350,00 Euros per a person/week includes breakfast and lunch.

Breakfast (approximate time) from 8,00 to 9,00 hrs and lunch from 13,00 hrs to 14,00 hrs. Supper from 19.00 to 21,00 hours. The full pension is agreed for a price of 550,00 Euros per a person/week.

Dolce Vita-Half board 420,00E per person per week,Full board 600E per person per week

Full pension includes breakfast, lunch and supper. F/B is optional.

Children up to age 10 years 50% discount for F/B and H/B, children   up to 2 years free of charge.

Drinks, beverages and extra meals are pay by the client to the waiter or captain according to the given price list.

If special all inclusive agreements (full pension with drinks) are done, then there will be no additional payment of drinks (domestic alcoholic and non alcoholic ) or food.

It is not license to get drinks and beverages on boat and also a food if it is not signed in contract.

Bar is opened until 23,00 hrs.

7.) In case of impossibility of the ship to put out to sea, Adriatic Cruising d.o.o. will offer an alternative ship -the same or even better quality. In case the ship is lower quality than the reserved one, the price will be corrected according to the quality differences. AC’s liability of any kind is limited to the cruise price.

8.) Special discount on renting prices: 5 % on early booking before 31. dec following year

9.) In case of cancellation by the client: Adriatic Cruising d.o.o. reserves the right to levy cancellation charges as follow :

  • • 30 % of the total price , 2 months or more before the embarkation,
  • • 50 % of the total price, 59 to 29 days before the embarkation,
  • • 100 % of the total price for cancellations within 30 days before the embarkation.

The client and Adriatic Cruising d.o.o. can find an alternative arrangement with the same terms and conditions as in this agreement.

The company shall not be liable for any curtailment of the holiday caused through fault or reason from passenger. No refund shall be made in the event of curtailment of the holiday once it has commenced, hoewer caused , not shall the company be liable for any consequent expence incurred as a result of curtailment.

10.) Cancelation or variation by the company:

The company reserves the right to cancel or alter the holiday arrangements should unforeseen circumstances require. Should cancellation be necessary before embarkation, the Company will, if possible, offer an alternative holiday or will alternatively make a full refund all money payed.

Company is obligatory to end cruising in harbour from planed rout and in a case of innavigable weather cruising can end in closed place with public transport. Company liability of any kind is limited to the cruise price.

11.) All additional payments will be pay at the end of the cruise to the captain.

12.) The passengers are due to hold on to the captain’s rules regarding to safety of the yacht and the well being of all passengers on board.

The passengers are due to hold on to the Croatian rules of protection of the environment as well as to the fishing and diving rules.

13.) Working time for crew is maximum until 23,00 hrs, (after that it is additional work).

14.) Note that you are on a wooden boat that some raindrop can come in. That can not be a reason for complain.

15.) Embarkation is after 5 PM coming day and disembarkation is before 9 AM on the day of departure.

16.) Agency or client are to report to Adriatic Cruising d.o.o. if clients have some malady

(chronic or contagious or allergies) also if clients have some limitation about food and beverages.

17.) All remarks or suggestions can be solved by agreements with the captain. Eventual complains must be done in written form before the end of the cruise or disembarkation. In case of a court procedure , the competent Court is in Šibenik.

18.) This booking terms and conditions are part of contract and are accepted with signing a contract or consenting to cruise on other way (paying after offer or embarkation on boat without a contract, ordering cruise with agency, etc).